Saturday, August 13, 2016


I'm donating a two hour Austin Powers meet/greet appearance (less travel should it apply/upon availability) to our door prizes at The Sunburst Convention. This is for our "Buyer's Bingo" drawing. I challenge other Sunburst attendees to offer the same or similar. It is only available to our attending registered Buyers. One might ask "How does that work?" Easy. I will make a two hour appearance for free. Should they want me for more time, they have to pay me my regular hourly rate for more. Those who do shows (like singers, comedians, etc) might want to offer a special price for a booking. Or...a free booking. (You can limit the time, like a free 20 minute show or something like that.) You can also put "Restrictions Apply" on your offer. Even if one of your regular clients wins, it's good faith efforts like this that put you in good graces with the agent/buyer and it pays off. Bookings beget bookings. It's a one time deal.

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